The Top Causes of Sciatica Revealed

Sciatica is pain caused by the irritation or compression of nerves in your low back. When a nerve is compressed or irritated by a spinal disc, bone spur, or ligament overgrowth, it can become inflamed and painful. This can occur due to age, the stress of gravity on your skeletal system, or injuries to your back. Stenosis (narrowing of the spinal column), disc herniations, or degenerative disk disease are other common causes of sciatica.

Think of your nerves like small, high-powered electrical lines. They transmit signals from the power station, your central nervous system, out to all of the muscles, organs, and cells in your body. The electrical lines or nerves in your low back travel down your hips, buttocks, and legs to your feet. If the nerve is irritated at the power station, it will affect everything along the path of that line. That is why a spinal disc irritating a nerve in your low back can result in pain down into your leg!

  • Burning, numbness, or tingling in your leg could be caused by a pinched nerve in your low back
  • Staying active with daily exercise, stretching, and periodic chiropractic care can help prevent issues in your low back
  • Over 90% of patients with sciatica reported being “much better” or “better” after receiving chiropractic care here at DeCarlo Chiropractic here in New City, NY!