Spinal decompression marries modern technology with basic chiropractic principles. Using a traction table can stretch the spine gently and be highly precise. This stretching has many benefits, but the biggest concept to grasp is its ability to relieve any excessive pressure that your spinal discs are placing on other structures in the spinal column.

Why it Matters:
Spinal decompression uses basic concepts from physics. Slowly stretching the entire spinal column creates lower pressure in the disc than in its surrounding environment. This creates negative ‘intradiscal’ pressure, encouraging material back into the disc space. But what material might this include?

  • Hydration
    Humans are made up of mostly water, so it only makes sense that our spinal discs are included in that. Hydrating your discs not only improves their longevity but makes it easier for other fluids like cerebrospinal fluid to flow in and out of the discs.
  • Oxygenation
    This is a fancy way of saying blood flow. The blood in your body carries vital oxygen to every organ, muscle, and structure within it – spinal discs are no exception! If blood cannot flow to these discs, it becomes challenging for there to be adequate amounts of oxygen.
  • Nutrient Uptake
    Like water and oxygen, our spinal discs need adequate nutrients to ensure that they are functioning properly and keeping our spine safe. Studies have shown that disruptions in nutrient uptake in the spinal discs may play a role in developing degenerative joint disease!

Next Steps:

DeCarlo Chiropractic uses non-surgical spinal decompression to do more than improve painful symptoms from a bulging disc; it can ensure that your spine stays as healthy as possible. If you don’t actively have low back pain, you may think you are doing everything right for your spine. But the forces of gravity you experience in day-to-day life may be causing unseen damage to your spinal discs. Ask us about the benefits of spinal decompression today.

If you or a loved one think that you can benifit from spinal decompression, and live a better life, contact us today at (845) 708- 8885 for a free consultation to see if spinal decompression is right for you!

Science Source:
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